Bungie is teasing the death of another major Destiny 2 character

Spoiler Alert is a legendary side weapon in Destiny 2. It was reintroduced in the Lost Season in August with the description: “Someone is going to die.” This is not terrific in itself-after all, ” Destiny 2 is like that-but the emergence of this special weapon may be a sign of very bad news for one of the main characters of the game.

The spoiler alert with the same description was originally added to the game along with the “Destiny 2: Mind of War” DLC that went live in May 2018. Just a few months later, in September, the extended version of Destiny 2: The Forsaken was launched, and Cayde-6, the beloved Hunter Vanguard, went another way. Despite my expectations, he has not yet returned, and his death is more and more like a permanent development.