Bungie will reward Destiny 2 players who drop levels to help rookies trapped in ‘Burning Hell’

Eternal Adventure is a game show-themed blast if you’re not massively low-level. (Image credit: Bungie)

I think it’s a reasonable rule of thumb that forcing players to engage in any game activity is a risky move based on experience. But for a massive live-service game like Destiny 2, I can understand the motivation: you want to make sure no one misses out on the exciting new stuff you’re adding. That’s what Bungie decided to do with Dares of Eternity, a six-player matchmaking event that arrives with the 30th Anniversary Update on December 7.

Eternal Adventure is free — although you’ll need DLC in order to get all the associated cosmetic loot — and may be the most fun quasi-horde mode event since the Zoo. However, there is a substantial problem for new and returning players.