Bungie’s head of human resources resigns due to reports of toxic workplace culture in the studio

IGN Published a new report Last Friday, he detailed Bungie’s toxic work culture, including gender discrimination, retrenchment and protection of the human resources department of abusers, and other issues such as recurring micro-aggressions and inequality. IGN Talked to 26 current and former employees of Bungie to create this report. Less than a week after it was published, Gayle d’Hondt, Bungie’s head of human resources, has resigned.

d’Hondt announced the news to Bungie employees via email yesterday, and IGN Saw the complete email.The former head of human resources stated that she hopes to “do everything I can to ensure that everyone working here has a safe, enthusiastic and supportive environment.” In doing so, d’Hondt said she feels Bungie’s The leadership team needs to move forward with the newcomers, or more precisely, those who have reportedly not enabled a toxic workplace culture IGN Report.

d’Hondt wrote in the email: “I know that they need to be trusted to be your advocates-not to be labeled as a’promoter’ and cannot be seen as a safe haven for bad actors. Company resources.”

IGN The report stated that d’Hondt will step down as the head of human resources, but the email did not say whether she will continue to work in Bungie in a certain capacity. However, d’Hondt stated that she will work with Bungie’s leadership team to determine the appropriate next steps. d’Hondt also described in detail the abuse she suffered in Bungie. She said it was “a man, an executive, I think it was my friend in Bungie”, which led to the person being fired.

“I am proud of the work I have done in this company,” d’Hondt’s email concluded, according to IGN“I believe that my suggestions are in the best interests of our employees and serve the company we want to be. I also believe that we have made some mistakes in order to become better ourselves-I know we can become a company- We must sincerely recognize and face them, and grow together.”

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[Source: IGN]