Busted: UK police arrest 17-year-old hacker in connection with GTA 6 leak

British police have A 17-year-old boy was arrested in Oxfordshire (opens in new tab) As part of an ongoing police hacking investigation.According to sources interviewed by former Reuters reporter Matt Keys, the arrest is directly related to the recent hack of Rockstar Games and the subsequent historic leak of GTA 6 material (opens in new tab)or possibly last week’s hack of Uber.

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The news comes just days after Uber revealed that its systems had been hacked (which the Rockstar hackers also applauded) and was being investigated by the FBI. (opens in new tab)The City of London police arrested the 17-year-old “consistent with an investigation conducted by the FBI,” Case reported. He added that police are expected to release more information on the arrest later today, and a statement from the FBI is also possible.