Buy a mini computer this Christmas and save up to $220

Although I have a lot of time to buy bulky large gaming PCs—you know, the kind of hum that lights up like a Christmas tree and is accompanied by the buzzing of a fan—but I also have room for other types of PCs in my life. The fair space is not big, but the rooms are all the same.That’s why this Mini PC Christmas Sale on Minisforum Piqued my interest. In my book, you can save up to $220 by purchasing a compact system, especially when it provides a surprising amount of power.

Go to the Minisforums website and you will see a series of Intel and AMD systems that can be assembled in a variety of ways, starting at as low as $299.This will get you a AMD Ryzen 7 2700U machine, It doesn’t help you much if you want to play games at a cheap price, but it can easily handle boring office work. At least it will when you add some memory and storage.