By cycling GTA online mode work and confrontation mode, Rockstar makes room for new missions and modes

Rockstar said that it will continue to improve and develop the GTA online mode, one of which is to cycle through the game in and out of the game to choose the confrontation mode and the player’s work.

According to the studio, because the GTA online mode provides such diversified gameplay, there are more than 1,000 jobs created by Rockstar and jobs created by “tens of millions” of players. Over time, the jobs created by Rockstar are recycled. Getting in and out of the game will help make room for new tasks and modes in the future for free.

The company says that another way it improves the game is to focus on game matching by guiding the community to a more streamlined weekly job list.

Cycling jobs will also allow them to be brought back at different times during special or seasonal events, and reduce some less popular jobs, as well as help surface some “sleeping classics” or quirky favorites in the community.

Rockstar is also looking for ways to improve the GTA online experience for new players and returning players. The game will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in March.

The coming months will provide detailed information about these improvements and more information about the expanded and enhanced versions of GTA 5 and GTA Online.

At the same time, later this year, players will have an “exciting new adventure” in GTA online mode, because some “familiar contacts and familiar friends” need to help expand their “legal business.” There are “more” surprises waiting for us to announce.

This month’s GTA online mode event will also bring “some special surprises”, including “the possibility of what will happen”, that is, some unusual events taking place in South San Andreas and its surrounding areas.

After various leaks, today, Rockstar finally announced the existence of Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-the definitive edition for current and next-generation consoles and PCs. No release date was provided, but it will be provided later this year.