Caitlyn and Jayce join League of Legends: Wild Rift’s new event

League of LegendsMobile port Wild rift The list of champions at launch is less than the PC version, but new casts are always appearing. Sometimes they will start at the same time as the PC equivalent, such as the rogue Sentinel Akshan. More often, they appear with some new events or promotions.This is the case with Caitlin and Jace, they are launching Wild rift Today is together with the goal practice activity.

Caitlin and Jess are veterans of the PC version of the game, they are also the main characters of the Netflix series ArcanePlayers can get these two championships for free by participating in the event, or buy them with blue particles or real money.

Caitlin is a long-range shooter, known for her sniper ability and trap capture. Thanks to her rifle and mobility skills, she is a safe bet for players, and her ultimate skills enable her to track targets and hit them with powerful shots no matter how far they go.

On the other hand, Jess is a high-tech champion with two forms. He can use his hammer in close combat, or he can switch to Hextech Arcane Cannon and bombard opponents from a distance. The best Jayce player uses both forms at the same time, and he plays on the single line most often.

Both championships are now available. Caitlyn launched her Headhunter skin, and Jayce bundled Brighthammer Jayce with D&D as the theme.