Call of Duty: Festival Passion Event Brings Camps, Elves and Festival Themed Items to Pioneers and War Zones

If you’re playing “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, you thought about yourself: “I hope people who haven’t played this target will be attacked by the holiday folklore creature called Krampus,” Well, the new holiday frenzy is satisfied Meet your needs.

Like the mainline Call of Duty and Call of Duty: War Zone in a specific year, holiday-themed events are now being broadcast live. Holiday passion Four bundles, six elves, camps, skip levels, and game-specific event challenges were brought to the store.

Let’s talk about Camps. This terrible anthropomorphic creature may or may not eat children, depending on who you ask, it will bring his anger to “anyone who does not play the target in the vanguard, or anyone who dares to be in the crater The one who found him”. inauspicious.

A happier, if not just naughty, the six elves, a small group of Santa’s holiday helpers, will be hidden in the Pioneer and the Pacific region of the theater. Finding them will bring you some rewards, such as consecutive kills, game scores, etc. Speaking of rewards, starting from December 16th, Vanguard owners will automatically receive 10 tiers of skips, 10% seasonal XP bonuses, and more gifts. If you do not own Vanguard and want to get these gifts, you need to purchase them on December 31 in advance.

If your gear needs more festive atmosphere, there are four festive bundles available for purchase in the store: Santa’s Slay, Krampus Unleashed, Secret Santa, and Broken Resolutions.

No matter what you do during the holiday frenzy, whether it is tracking Krampus or discovering all of Santa’s elves, you can complete the holiday frenzy challenge and reward up to 13 items, including unique weapon blueprints.

Vanguard also brought back the Drop Zone for holiday events, although it is now called the Armaggedon mode. At the beginning of the game, the two teams competed for control of a designated position in which the Killstreaks care package fell from the sky. This area rotates, and in most cases, the person who controls it controls the game.

When playing Vanguard or Warzone Pacific games, keep an eye out for items such as gift boxes and Christmas trees, as they may drop two gifts for your team.

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