Call of Duty: Pioneer Free Multiplayer Weekend

Christmas is the season of giving. What better way to celebrate than insulting strangers on the Internet?The disgraced publisher Activision is doing everything it can to mobilize some positive PR to get players who don’t have Call of Duty: Vanguard Free-to-play multiplayer games The next six days.

Starting today (December 16th) and ending on the 21st, the free access event means that interested players have limited access to Vanguard’s multiplayer games, which include the following playlists:

  • The Free Kills playlist is a mix of Team Deathmatch, Domination and Hardpoint.
  • Champions Hill playlist-Vanguard’s shootout tournament mode.
  • Shipmas 24/7 playlist, where you can see that the classic map Shipment has undergone a festive transformation.

For those who already own the game, hope to get a lot of XP rewards during the event. Over the next six days, online jumping will enable network players to earn double XP rewards for their weapons, operators, clans, and even battle passes. If free-access players choose to upgrade to full prestige, they will receive rewards for skipping battle pass levels and boosting festive XP.

This free access event came amidst a controversy surrounding the game publisher Activision. Following widespread reports of the company’s culture of sexual harassment, Activision Blizzard has recently come under fire for discouraging employees from joining unions. This also happened after pressure from six American national treasures, who asked Activision to respond to its sexual harassment scandal through a board meeting before December 20.