Call of Duty Pioneer MP40-Two Shots Build

If you have played any number of Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer games since the release, you know too well MP40 Yes. SMG has a strong impact and high rate of fire, allowing you to sprint on the map quickly and quickly destroy the enemy team.

The trick? Well, the core of the MP40 is a very powerful gun, but once you use the right accessories, it becomes a completely different monster. The MP40 has many accessories to choose from, but Dorrani has found two accessories that, when used in combination, can create an incredibly powerful 2 kill MP40.

The star role here is 8mm Kurz and hollow point ammunition. Kurz bullets are essentially large bullets that cause much more damage than other available bullets, but at the cost of your control of the gun when you use them. Since you are facing them anyway, this lack of control will not really hurt your chances of winning the crossfire, so this is necessary.

Hollow point ammunition is a more interesting accessory. It will increase the damage to the limbs while reducing the optimal range of MP40. In any case, it doesn’t matter, because how close you will be. These rounds allow you to kill other players with two shots anywhere on your body-just shoot in their direction and you are done!

If you are eager to see this dangerous pairing, Dorrani’s video shows us the games they use to build. It is really good at tearing up the bags of 2-3 players in a short time, but pay attention to the size of the small magazine!

Call of Duty: Vanguard has some minor issues from the beginning, including some bugs that make unlocking certain cosmetics very painful. In addition, the new zombie experience Der Anfang also made the player community feel a little frustrated.