Call of Duty Pioneers: The War Zone Crater Cutscenes

New movie trailers have fallen War zone The map shortly after the release of “Call of Duty: Vanguard” shows how we went from a ravaged Soviet city to a beautiful Pacific island… past. The trailer was the first major link we saw between the two maps, and it managed to answer the community‚Äôs biggest question about how we got to Caldera, while also creating more questions that made us scratch our heads.

The trailer tells that Adler and other members of the “Call of Duty: Cold War” gang entered an undiscovered bunker in Verdansk after the recent earthquake destroyed most of the map. After entering the interior, the team discovered that the bunker was a secret hiding place for the Nazis. They met the returning character Captain Butcher in Call of Duty: WWII, and he explained that he created the vanguard. Butcher showed a map under the Nazi flag. He explained that after the war, they started hunting Nazis around the world from the Pacific Ocean. When he points to Caldera-the new Warzone map, the movie part ends.

After the film explained the narrative aspects of our leap from Verdansk to Caldera, when the planes of World War II were fighting on the island, we took a brief glimpse of the new map through several melee shots. This is the first time we have seen aircraft combat in actual combat, and it has been disclosed in the official blog post before.

Just yesterday, Activision Blizzard released its third-quarter financial report, which showed that the company expects “Call of Duty: Pioneer” to become a huge revenue in the last quarter of 2021. This happened while the company was filing a lawsuit against evidence of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Call of Duty: Pioneer will be released tomorrow, November 5th. The theater update will be released later, and the crater will be launched after the final event in Verdansk on December 3.