Call of Duty Season 6 Roadmap Shows War Zone, Black Ops, Cold War Changes

The new season is coming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with War zone. Season 6 is scheduled to start on October 7. The update brings some interesting changes to Verdansk, introducing new characters, and rolling out many other changes. Verdansk was blown up during the story, providing players with new tactical options for hunting down the enemy.

In a blog post on Activision’s official website, The developers need some changes that players can expect in the new season.Detailed description of the first set of changes War zoneAnd as follows:

New points of interest -Cracks open the stadium and the city center; strange and previously unknown bunkers from World War II are revealed

New Gulag -Return to the familiar 1v1 battle arena

The legion transition begins- Update your active clan before October 5th before freezing to prepare for the transfer to the new clans clan system

Although these are some major changes, Raven Software will release patch notes next week detailing the new model, project pool upgrades, and additional balance changes. at the same time, Black Ops Cold War Also received some new goodies, including the zombie mode of many games.

“The Forsaken”, the last chapter Black Ops Cold War Zombie Experience an epic ending Black Ops Cold War Zombies, equipped with new skills, new miracle weapons, new main tasks, etc.

Additional zombie updates -PhD Slider debuts, Hand Cannon and ARC-XD appear as support weapons in burst and turn-based maps

Trejak Black Ops Cold War Zombie Review -Prepare to learn more about the events that led to Treyarch’s “Forsaken”

onslaught -Get ready for “Strike the Elite” and a journey deep into Adler’s thoughts.

Picture: Treyarch/Activision

In addition, there are some new maps for players to explore in the new season, which will be introduced separately In the blog of the PlayStation website.

Deprogramming (6v6, launch): Enter Adler’s broken heart on a wild map representing different fragments of his memory, which are stitched together for epic and surreal 6v6 battles. Use the red door to shuttle between memories, set power positions and expert matches.

United States (6v6, launch): A secret military facility located in the center of the Soviet Union, Amerika represents a Soviet replica of American Avenue. Fight in a prop town with a pizzeria, a theater, and a model of Hamburg city.

Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3, start): Squad operations are conducted in the underground vault under the KGB headquarters. As the battle erupts around the main briefing table, look forward to a fast-paced battle.

Some changes in Season 6 will appear in two games. For example, there are new operators: Fuze and Alex Mason, they join the game with some powerful explosives. There are five new weapons, including lever shotguns, which can be obtained through season tickets and in-game challenges. There will also be new prestige levels.

For “Call of Duty” fans who like to frighten rather than shoot, The Haunting is a Halloween event scheduled from October 19th to November 2nd. In 2020, Activision launched The Haunting of Verdansk, and we may see how the event changes in the sixth season and the New Year in the coming weeks.