Call of Duty: Titan Crossover’s Vanguard Attack Brings Levi Ackerman to the Battlefield

There aren’t any Titans we know of in Call of Duty: Pioneer or Pacific Theater to kill, but if there are, they’ll be shaking soon as Levi Ackerman is joining the fray.

Revealed today via the Official Call of Duty Blog postal, the collaboration celebrates the half-season mark of the first season of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific and the final season of Attack on Titan, which just kicked off this week.Starting January 20th, players can purchase Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle.

“This 10-item store bundle isn’t just for franchise superfans; it has the style and firepower of being a soldier leader, just like Levi Ackerman,” the blog post reads. “One of the most notable additions to this bundle is the ‘Titan Impaler,’ a weapon blueprint that simulates a blade that can kill a titan. This single-edged blade is made of super-hard steel, which is The only material that can cut through Titan’s flesh, and can easily cut through the squad.”

This Levi-themed bundle also includes the legendary “Steel Cut” finished film as well as “Vanguard-exclusive Vertical Maneuver” highlights and “Ultrahard Steel” MVP highlights. There are two other weapons in this bundle: the legendary “Historia” submachine gun and the “Ymir Curse” assault rifle weapon blueprint.

“The Ymir Curse is designed for operators who pride themselves on accurate range,” the blog post reads. “With a nine attachment configuration, near-zero horizontal recoil, and near-maximum effective range and bullet velocity, this legendary weapon blueprint is amazing at long distances, especially with an operator mounted.”

“As for the Historia SMG, it’s best suited for run-gun operators who want to shoot accurately from the hip while sprinting. It includes a small caliber magazine that provides more speed and a faster rate of fire, which is great for the Gung-Pioneer Ho strategy in multiplayer and Warzone Pacific.”

The blog says any operator can use these weapons, but Sgt. Daniel of Hellhound will go all out to fight the Survey Corps operator skin included in this Levi bundle.

Pricing for the bundle hasn’t been announced, but if it’s similar to other bundles of this type, expect it to sell for around $20.

For more information on this bundle, including checking out the weapon trinkets, and more about the mid-season update, be sure to check out the full blog post. After that, check game whistleblower Call of Duty Pioneers Review and learn how Activision took legal action against a major Call of Duty cheating distributor.

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