Call of Duty: Vanguard announces event details

Today, more details about the “Call of Duty: Pioneer” event have been announced.Although, as usual, the battle is just one element of the upcoming Call of Duty game, the character lineup and plot summary left us with a special forces task force that looks alike. shameless bastard.

We have some new details about voice actors, characters, etc., and the core plot line is still mostly shrouded. In any case, we don’t want it to be spoiled, but the key is that your special forces operations must enter the center of Nazi Germany and discover the mystery behind the Phoenix Project, which aims to resurrect when the empire falls. First, here is a brief overview of the voiceovers of all the main story players:

Sergeant Arthur Kingsley-Chiké Okonkwo

Lieutenant Paulina Petrova-Laura Bailey

Private Lucas Riggs-Martin Cope

First Lieutenant Wade Jackson-Derek Phillips

Sergeant Richard Weber-Simon Quarterman

SS Colonel Hermann Wenzel Friesinger-Dan Donohue

Jannick Richter-Dominic Monaghan

In “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, players will control and play Arthur Kingsley, Paulina Petrova, Lucas Riggs and Wade Jackson. Given the nature of this special forces adventure taking place in multiple locations, these characters start from their own scenes and eventually come together to enter the belly of the beast.

What does it mean? In essence, it makes this story cover much more than the frequently explored Berlin trek, and takes us to the Pacific Ocean and other little-known parts of World War II. This also means that we will almost certainly get one of the cool penetration missions that is different from the standard shooting campaign segment. We took a look The story of Lieutenant Polina Petrova during Gamescom.

You can view more details about the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign, including the backstory of each character, on the official blog here. Are you interested in this event? Are you waiting for a multiplayer game? Do Treyarch’s zombie products interest you? Maybe it’s just that more theaters have new transformations and maps? none of the above? Anyway, please let us know in the comments!