Call of Duty: Vanguard-Best Multiplayer Privilege

We know what you are dealing with. Call of Duty: Vanguard It just came out and you are trying to find the best load for multiplayer games. Guns are one thing, but perks are a real make-or-break option, which separates a good load from a great load.

We have already provided you with protection.In this guide, we have detailed Best benefits Call of Duty: Pioneer multiplayer for all three slots. After this, you should have no problem jumping into the next firefight. We will continue to update this guide over time, so if you want to see if there are any changes, please come back here!

Best privilege used in slot 1: Ghost

If you have played Call of Duty before you understand the value of this privilege. Keep you from being discovered by spy planes and other small map detectors. When the enemy knows where you are, it is difficult to win a gunfight, and since the kill time of this game is very long, being able to catch people by surprise is a huge advantage.

Alternative Best Privilege Used in Slot 1: Cold Blood

A convenient privilege that can sometimes fall into the shadow of Ghost. Cold Blooded hides you from all AI-controlled serial killings (such as those pesky dogs) and makes you generally harder to be spotted by the enemy. It’s difficult to quantify the effectiveness of this privilege between games, but it can definitely help you sneak close to other players. In addition, when someone on the opposing team manages to get an otherwise debilitating kill streak, it does alleviate the pain.

Best perk to use in Slot 2: Radar

Remember when I said that knowing where the enemy player is is a huge advantage? The radar has proven this a hundred times. It will make enemies launching non-silent weapons appear on your small map, which will help you determine where to approach when attacking, as well as dangerous places on the map.

Alternative Best Privilege Used in Slot 2: High Alert

Again, it’s a bit out of date here, but it’s still worth considering. Yes, radar is very useful when trying to figure out how to approach an ongoing firefight, but high alert allows you to find cover before you find yourself in the center of the battle. To deal with snipers set on the map trying to take you away, if you want to avoid any accidental gunshot wounds, there is also a back pocket option.

Best perk to use in slot 3: Overkill

This perk has always been great, and the ability to carry the two main weapons just provides a better option when creating a course that suits you. However, due to the absolute power of the primary weapons in the vanguard and the downturn of many secondary weapons, this is almost mandatory. Enjoy this beautiful privilege, bring an SMG like MP40 and engage in close combat with an assault rifle, LMG or sniper of your choice, and you can start. It trampled the other three options of cheering so hard, which is a bit tragic.

Alternative Best Privilege Used in Slot 3: Scavenger

When Scavenger did not appear in any Beta testing of Call of Duty: Pioneer, we were very worried and we were very happy to see it back. This privilege allows you to pick up ammunition from dead enemies that you managed to kill, and can store them if you are unlucky. It and Overkill dominate the perk 3 slot, but you should still choose between the two.

If you want to choose the best gun to match these privileges, then our best weapon guide is your best choice!