Call of Duty: Vanguard-Crater Map Announced

It’s only a day before the broadcast Call of Duty: Vanguard, And we have carefully checked the upcoming Caldera Warzone map in the following ways Exclusive jacket Distributed at the world premiere of the game. Stitched inside these fashionable olive green jackets is a tactical map showing the names and locations of key points on the crater island.

thanks VGC, Who has enhanced the image so that everyone can observe up close, we have a bird’s eye view of all the interesting points that we will dive into soon. The enhanced map can be seen below:

From this map, we can now better understand the distribution of locations around the island. Caldera seemed to be surrounded by points of interest. To the south is the city capital, with large buildings everywhere, and there is a big mountain to the north. The east seems to be far from being built, and there is a small fishing village and ancient ruins along the coast.

The north seems to be more developed-the naval shipyard and the ore processing wharf are almost next to each other. Then, in the west, there is a more militarized area with submarine bases and beach defense systems, which will surely become the center of early game conflicts.

You do not lack excitement when you venture into the island. Driving directly to the southeast from the ore processing terminal is the phosphate mine, which occupies most of the northern part of the island. Towering above the mine is the volcano on the island (I’m sure it won’t erupt, don’t worry).

Then there is the airport, which is located between the fishing village and the city capital. This is definitely a place where players can find those airplanes that were briefly shown in the latest movie trailers. If this is the case, I will spend my money on this new supermarket.

Finally, we have a humble taro farm, right in the center of the island. Although it doesn’t look much in terms of buildings, those who follow the map will notice that it is surrounded by hills of different heights-so players must pay attention to enemies with higher terrain.

For various reasons, this map is interesting. The most significant difference between this and Verdansk is the population density in the suburbs of the map. Anyone who has played Warzone will tell you that most of the action takes place near the center of the battlefield-and places like Dam or Lumber rarely have fierce competition. Caldera hopes to break this trend by attracting players to these suburbs.

It is also less…flat. There are many things in Verdansk, but it is certainly not a mountainous area. The elevated geographic area will inject more verticality into the roof battles that we are all accustomed to now.

Called “Operation Alpha” on the map, it looks more and more like Caldera will be the first step towards a very different Warzone experience. Caldera will be introduced into Warzone December 3, After several events were sent to Verdansk.

Following allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, Activision Blizzard, the publisher, or Call of Duty are currently undergoing drastic internal changes. Just yesterday, the company announced measures to solve these problems in its third-quarter financial report.