Call of Duty: Vanguard guns in the theater will not shoot directly, but they will eventually

Call of Duty: War zone guns usually fire directly. If the bullet does not fall where your marking is aimed, it is usually because the impact of the ion bomb falling far enough. As players discovered that many of the 40 Vanguard guns added in the Warzone Pacific update tend to shoot in random directions, thanks to the built-in aiming bloom (aka bullet spread), this principle was thrown at will this week Behind the heads.

Aiming Bloom adds a random chance for the bullet fired by the Vanguard Gun to fall a few inches away from where your crosshair is pointing.Thursday Players start to pay attention To what extent this random distribution of bullets would hinder a fair exchange of fire, and Raven seemed to agree that it was a little too a New theater patch After its deployment on Friday, Raven stated that it “substantially reduced the number of’blooms’ based on all Vanguard weapons.”