Call of Duty: Vanguard Reveals Treyarch’s Zombies

Of course, the upcoming Call of Duty event is Sledgehammer, and you can check out some new story details here. But “Call of Duty: Pioneer” features efforts from multiple teams, including Treyarch and Raven. Not surprisingly, Treyarch’s years of experience and experience in releasing undead creatures played a role here, bringing a new zombie experience called “Der Anfang”, which is integrated into the storyline of the dark ether.

Zombies are cross-generational and cross-generational, and have the progress of using other game types provided by Battle Pass in Vanguard. As a standard, the zombie mode in Vanguard has a four-player cooperative mode. Like Vanguard, the zombie mode here takes place in the context of World War II. Players can get privileges, weapon upgrades and Pack-a-Punch. In addition to the elements that players are already familiar with, there are also some new elements under development.

The item known as the Heart of Sacrifice allows players to choose from various upgrades that are made randomly each time it becomes available, so you must choose carefully to create a powerful build. Some of the possible abilities that players can choose provide slow ammo regeneration (we all know how rough ammo is when zombies keep appearing!) or special skills that help you maintain your territory. You can change your strategy in each game, so trying various abilities with synergy elements may improve your chances of survival. Using the Heart of Sacrifice and the Covenant System, you can create content such as melee construction, killing chain explosions and more! Players can carry their main weapons unlocked in the core game, but other weapons must be looted in the game, of course, the mysterious box will provide opportunities for those who feel lucky.

Yes, you are fighting Nazi zombies. Under the leadership of Oberführer Von List, you will discover many mysterious and evil legends during the game. In fact, players can establish connections with some dark entities in the game to obtain special powers, such as frost bursts or energy mines. The journey here takes place in the ruins of Stalingrad and various World War II scenes, including the Japanese military camp at Shi No Numa. Players face a standard army of undead, and of course there are special zombies to fight against, including exploding corpses and giants wielding machine guns. Wow.

Call of Duty: Pioneer’s zombie experience is scheduled to launch with the main game on November 5. Are you a zombie player? Looking forward to legend and cooperation? Let us know in the comments!