Call of Duty: Vanguard Review-The Turbulent Trinity

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the story of three games. Sometimes it happens that several pillars lift the package while one puts it down. Vanguard’s campaign is weak, but multiplayer games and zombies have brought the title of victory. Let us break down each experience.

We will solve the problem first; this battle is ambitious and large in scale, taking players to multiple key locations, including Stalingrad, the Pacific, and even North Africa. Although this shows some excellent environmental diversity, and its throbbing soundtrack makes people excited, but everything surrounding these elements is still in a sluggish state. As the narrative jumps from one scene to another, no character has any weight. They are large pieces of lifeless cardboard, not even up to the level of a monophonic action movie.

These characters are placed in boring segments that are as boring and formulaic as possible, with no real chance to shine. Although a large arena full of opponents is nothing new for Call of Duty, participating in the non-area part is even more tiresome. There are no cool tricks to break tedious missions, only missions that will make you beg to clean up another killing room. Unfortunately, because some of the scenes and characters feel that they should be slam dunks.

Pioneer has all the ready-made decorations Soldiers approaching the city Sniper and sniper scene. Unfortunately, without realizing the sniper’s fantasy, it dropped the ball and killed it after the next arena full of garbage. When you climb the rocks and walls, you must run under the table and fight the never-ending flash. The unbelievably annoying trial and error invisible part is amazingly juxtaposed with the exaggerated sequence of actions. What confuses me is that a character in the game basically has the power of a superhero, allowing them to see the enemy through the scenery blocked by the line of sight, and combining God’s line of sight and bullet time to automatically aim on demand. Numerous scenes and clips look gorgeous, but a beautiful appearance can’t save this journey.

The narrative will never decide whether it will stay in the harsh reality of World War II or continue to work hard, and with absurd caricatures, these villains will be more comfortable in a bad comic book. This disharmony is obvious, weird, and runs through the lifeline of the entire experience. Call of Duty events often range from weird to spectacular to emotional resonance-this is not one of them, and it is easy to skip. I will marvel at how this sport makes the badass sniper scene driven by revenge feel trapped in traffic for years to come.

Multiplayer is successful, but not because of the addition of any guns, super slides or jetpack mechanics. The key to online products is some very influential decision-making tools, which are already first-class shooting and customization tools. The most influential device of the core system is the addition of the Combat Pacing dial. With Combat Pacing, you can influence the number of players and participation time for all activities you like. This may seem like a trivial matter, but it is great because you can choose exactly the type of multiplayer match you want on top of core game modes such as Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint or Domination. When I wanted to throw a bunch of grenades while packing a shotgun loaded with incendiary bombs, I switched to the blitz mode, which caters to real-time action and can be engaged almost immediately. The tactical pace is perfect when I want something that I might not see the player immediately and have time to aim the rifle before shooting. Even if you don’t want to turn the dial, Assault is a great choice for the standard version of Call of Duty multiplayer.

The battle rhythm is subtle, but more important than any new multiplayer product. Nevertheless, Vanguard still has some new modes. The patrol team provides a moving hard point to protect, but it “patrols” around the map, and Champion Mountain provides players with some small-scale pranks. Champion Mountain is an evolution of the shootout mode. There are more players to choose and many teams to compete in tournament-style matches at the same time. Choose your path to victory by buying in the center, and fight with other teams with lives and cash. I have a different feeling in small-scale conflicts. I like it very much. Of course, Gunners offers many options for exploration for multiplayer games, allowing you to adjust each weapon to your liking, even including ammunition types, for extra impact.

Last but not least is the Zombies designed by Treyarch. The undead instincts of the studio are rarely missed, and “Call of Duty: Vanguard” is ready to take zombies on a dreamy path. This iteration is a bit like a roguelike zombie dungeon crawl, which is great. Featured in the recent burst mode, the player’s task is to destroy a demon entity while using his extraordinary powers, including the ring of fire and cold doom, to let you summon a blizzard. All interesting zombie equipment, such as Pack-A-Punch, Mystery Box, and other upgrades, are provided in hub style in the base where players wander between missions. Don’t think you will take a break in the city; the zombie mode is as fast-paced as ever, with neon arcade action halo and streamlined upgrades to keep you in action.

Together with your team, choose from a series of classic shooting events, where you will escort magic items, survive until time runs out, or slaughter enemies to obtain drops. We have seen many of these elements before, but their arrangement is very effective. For example, I appreciate that there is no boring travel time in Outbreak-click on a portal and you can start the next task. The special abilities acquired and upgraded behind the portal can greatly change your equipment. Essentially, Vanguard distills a lot of cool things about zombies into a compact package, and then spreads cool quips and conversations throughout the process. Thankfully, you can still throw monkey bombs. However, in the version I played, none of the stories beat Easter eggs; these are expected to arrive in Season 1.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s campaign did not reach its goal, but multiplayer and zombies did the heavy lifting to bring the title to a good place. If you invest the most in the single player experience, then you can ignore this year’s entry, but if you enter other modes, Call of Duty is still a great choice for shooting, heist, and zombie execution.