Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Best Weapon-What is the best gun in a multiplayer game?

Call of Duty: Vanguard It’s finally out! If you are like us, you will devote all your energy to multiplayer games and the high-intensity games we’ve been eager for since the beta. When upgrading, you might want to know which weapon is the best?

To help you, we have created this guide that will take you through Five best guns Take it with you and dominate online games. We will continue to update this list as the metadata changes, so if you want to say something is good, please come back here later.

Best overall gun: MP40

Anyone who has played the Vanguard beta will tell you how popular the MP40 is, and for good reasons. The MP40 is the best in SMG, with a lot of damage and recoil that is easy to handle.

This is your classic running gun SMG, because it can destroy the enemy at close and mid-range. It does have a small magazine, you can chew it quickly, especially when you rush down the enemy team, but as the main flaw of this gun, when you upgrade it, this can be made up for by accessories. . Pair it with Overkill as your Perk 3 slot and AR of your choice, and you are ready to go.

Best long-range assault rifle: BAR

Turning to assault rifles, BAR is one of two great guns that will protect you from anything oncoming. Compared with other assault rifles, BAR has a slower rate of fire and higher recoil, which will definitely make it more difficult to use.

However, if you can bypass these obstacles, you will cause more damage than you know how to do. When you upgrade the BAR, many of its problems can be adjusted through accessories, such as the relatively small magazine and its rate of fire, but know that no matter what you shoot on this gun, it will play a role when it matters . Must hit those shots!

The best assault rifle for beginners: STG 44

Our next assault rifle is trust STG 44. This gun is a generally excellent gun. It has a good rate of fire, the size of the magazine, and it can also cause a lot of damage. This is a cute assault rifle, as long as you can overcome the impact of recoil.

It also has a large number of accessory slots, so if you are looking for a main device that can be adjusted to your liking, then this is your ideal choice. In a word-versatility. Damn good at mid-range combat, if you also shoot with your hips, it won’t be too bad at close range!

Best CoD: Pioneer Multiplayer Sniper: KAR98K

I like KAR98K. I have always liked KAR98K in every “Call of Duty” game where it appears. Sniper players eat well in Vanguard, KAR is a feast for your eyes, ears and KDA.

When the gun hits almost anywhere on the body, it kills a person in one shot, and with fast aiming time, you know that all 13-year-old shovelless will play with it ecstatically. Using accessories, you will be able to adjust all important functions of the rifle, such as the sight.

Personally, we don’t like the default options, but of course it depends on personal preference. It is very pleasant to use.

Best light machine gun: DP27 LMG

If you are an LMG mouse like me, you will be very happy to see the return of DP27. Dinner plate, as it is affectionately called. Due to its crazy rate of fire, this machine gun has a crazy kill time. Unlike other light machine guns, the recoil is also fully controllable.

It did suffer from the negative effects of some well-known weapon categories, such as slow ADS time and slow reloading. However, if you can tolerate these problems, DP27 will be interesting.

Once you choose one of these guns as your first choice, you have to make it look good, right? To help you do this, we have compiled a guide on how to unlock all the mastery camouflage you can read now.