Call of Duty: War Zone-Operation Flashback is now live

Verdansk Call of Duty: War Zone The map we have all liked in recent months will soon be removed from Warzone and replaced by a shiny new map in December. To celebrate the history shared by the community, Operation Flashback Starting today, let us understand the greatest moments of this Soviet city.

Available immediately, Operation Flashback It is a limited-time four-player game mode where all the best moments of the past ten Warzone seasons will be brought back for the last time. It works by implementing one of these special public activities every time a new circle is placed on the map. The safe zone circle will appear faster and more frequently, so you can experience as much as possible in a single game The most popular game of Warzone.

The list of public events includes discounts on Fire Sale at purchase stations, jailbreaks that bring all eliminated players back to the game, supply machines that can drop valuable supply boxes when destroyed, cash drops scattered on the map, and free The load drops!

These sounds basic enough, but many crazier events have also made a comeback! These include:

  • Falling from the ground -Satellites fall to the ground and drop special buffers for players to compete for.
  • Enemy fire -The stunning “Dead Hard” inspired event has come back, as players can arm C4 on the roof of the “Downtown Tower” while avoiding attacking helicopters from one of the vault key cards (the other two can be found on the map). This also comes with an “unfinished business” contract, so be sure to try to crack the vault with some friends.
  • Replenishment -All supply crates on the map will be closed and their loot will be refreshed, which means that players who return due to jailbreak can re-equip and re-enter the battle.
  • Rise again -If at least one squad member is still alive, all players will be redeployed.
  • Juggernaut Royal -Multiple Juggernaut crates are deployed to the site, one for each team. These provide super powerful equipment, which is a must if you haven’t done it before.
  • [REDACTED] Weapon drop -New event! These provide unparalleled weapons for players willing to fight for them.

There are also some real fools in the loot pool, especially when it comes to super rare drops. This includes highlighting the hunter’s vision of nearby enemies through bunkers, and expert tokens that provide players with all available perks. Both are madly destroyed, so Flashback is definitely in the “fun” category rather than the competitive category.

Finally, even the buying station is fully replenishing. The new offer includes:

  • Self-healing kit
  • Armor plate bundle
  • Armor box
  • Reconnaissance drone
  • Ammunition box
  • Sentry gun
  • Load drop mark
  • bombardment
  • Armored car

You will soon enter and experience everything that Verdansk has to offer, so before we say goodbye in early December, return with the stupid Dragon’s Breath shotgun as much as possible.

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