Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard anti-cheat Ricochet appears to have been leaked and is being reverse engineered

Earlier this week, Activision and Call of Duty developers excitedly unveiled Ricochet, A new kernel-level anti-cheat software for Warzone and Vanguard. This technology should be the developer’s answer to the war zone cheating pandemic, but it is not a good start.

according to Anti-cheat police station, A group that reports cheating and cheating creators, Ricochet’s kernel driver has been leaked. The manufacturer of paid cheating seems to have been reverse-engineering it, which does not bode well for Ricochet.

The anti-cheat police released a screenshot of an unnamed forum and a core digital signature certificate belonging to Activision.

The leak may be intended to secretly test the effectiveness of the technology for developers, but we are not sure. Nonetheless, this is another blow to publishers that are already in trouble.

After a series of lawsuits, controversial settlements and union calls, Activision Blizzard’s future as an industry leader is being questioned.