Call of Duty Warzone players are angry with the unfixed “pay to win” invisible skin

Before the new year, we saw Call of Duty Theater A considerable overhaul; a new map has been added to the title, new mechanics have been added to the game, and we also need to complete a new large battle pass.

Since the update was launched, the game has had some pressing issues. In addition to the persistent irritation of winter horror, Camps, we also saw the skin of Awakened Francis raging in the crater and rebirth island (to the chagrin of serious and casual players alike).

The current state of the game is that the player equipped with the Awakened skin is just a floating orange head in the game. Of course, you need to reach level 100 in the Caldera Battle Pass to equip it, but once you get there, players will be fined a lot. a lot of Due to a malfunction, it is harder to see on the map.

At the time of writing, this issue is still not listed-at all- On Warzone Trello. This issue has received some attention on Warzone Subreddit. An angry player evilmonk234 asked:How can Raven make the skin invisible for more than a day?

Fans on Twitter are equally aggrieved, Replied to the developer’s official tweet requesting it to repair the “pay to win” skin. A cursory look at any official CoD account and its tweets, you will see irritated players in the responses.

Given that we have been seeing players express concerns about skins since December 15th, it is fair for players to feel annoyed-after all, this is not the first time we have seen Raven and Warzone suffer invisible errors. It’s not very far.

In view of the fact that Activision has recently produced such a long-awaited song and dance about bounce and anti-cheat, which was recently launched in “Call of Duty Warzone”, if you just want to have a good and honest game, this new glitch is CoD will become even more annoying.

At present, the developer has no official update about this error, and there is no possible time to fix it.

Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty: War Zone, is currently in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in California. Due to the company’s undiscovered problems, even though an executive of the company tried to stop these efforts, employees still tried to join the union.