Call of Duty: Warzone significantly reduces stopping power drop rates

By Dom Peppiatt
May 20, 2021 11:10 GMT

Raven Software The drop rate for field upgrades has changed significantly Stopping power To Call of Duty: War Zone With an update mid-season this week.

If you’re new to stopping power, upgrades allow you to reload your current weapon in more powerful rounds, doing additional damage to those unhappy to get into sight.

Players have been asking Raven to change upgrades and balance for some time. This has complained that TTK, which is already controversial in the game, has been reduced to a trivial level, frankly.


“Given the effectiveness of stopping power and the lack of counterplay options, I felt that power level was at odds with its availability.” Raven said in a patch note..

“We want to not only reward our measured choices about when and how to use field upgrades, but also create more encouraged scenarios. Most of the wrong ways to apply stopping power. No. I felt this was deprived of satisfaction with optimal or strategic use. Our hope of significantly reducing our presence within Warzone is to introduce small strategy-based controls. The predator effectively increases the chances of finding it. “

So if you’re achieving a good kill with an upgrade in the field, don’t worry-it’s still there … you might have to do a bit of a difficult search to find it. This update heats up following yesterday’s changes made in Black Ops Cold War PvP mode. In this mode, the sniper has been significantly readjusted based on fan feedback. So when it comes to implementing community-driven changes, it’s great that Activision Studios seem to be listening to the ground.

There are other major changes to the patch. Perhaps the biggest is the suppressor attachment, which Raven’s team believes will have a “widespread effect” throughout the game.

“The suppressor offers another viable attachment choice in the muzzle category, focusing on various statistics. For example, if the effective damage range is not prioritized (for example, a submachine gun), the suppressor will almost certainly be. Use, “Raven explains. “Alternatively, you may have sufficient bullet velocity (such as ZRG 20mm) and want to make up for handling weaknesses. These are the types of compelling decisions we want to continue developing.”

Raven isn’t over yet. The studio outlines that “significant tweaks” will appear in Solo Battle Royale mode in the “very near future.” We hope this is a meta overhaul of the mode and will actually be an attractive outlook for the player.

The· Complete patch notes You can get it from the link.

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