Call of Duty: Warzone update adds Rambo and Die Hard John McClane

A pair of 80’s action heroes will be featured in the Call of Duty franchise.Both John McClane and John Rambo Call of Duty: War Zone, Black Ops Cold War,and call of Duty mobile This month is part of the Season 3 mid-season update. These new characters were teased by Activision on social media until revealed. The update will arrive on May 20th.

Both Rambo and McLean have iconic weapons that can be brought into Call of Duty. Rambo compound bow and explosive arrows.. John McClane is a bit more traditional and is known for his pistols and machine guns. Fans share pictures of the two characters online in-game, but some fans have noticed that the models are a bit off.

Nakatomi Plaza is also shown in the Activision teaser image. Die Hard Occur. It’s a place for a round-trip battle between McLean and a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber, which would be a good match for a possible in-game map.