Camps caused havoc in Call of Duty Warzone

If you have jumped in Call of Duty Pioneer or War Zone In the past few days, you will inevitably encounter CampsThis winter horror event caused chaos in the multiplayer mode of both games, chasing players and smashing them into mud until they die, or the player manages to reduce Krampus’ health.

Obviously, this is just an interesting addition to the holiday seasonal activities-adding a certain degree of uncertainty and panic to your daily weapon XP grinding or the Warzone game with your friends squad. However, Krampus opened a gap in the community. Is Krampus a weird opponent designed to keep you alert? Or is he the great saboteur of victory in the war zone?

Let’s start with the negative outlook, because this seems to be the position taken by the voice part of the community. The main source of frustration From the appearance of Krampus in each game mode. This means that if you really want to win an intense Warzone single player game, you may receive a notification that the big guy is on the road.

When he finds you, it is difficult for him to get rid of! Krampus will follow you for a few minutes at a time, teleporting next to you and roaring loudly, so that every other player nearby can hear you in a hurry. If you do try to fight him, he will take a lot of damage to knock down, and your gunfire will only make it easier for people to find your exact location.

The community has tried everything. Kali insists on fighting Krampus Let you be defeated and defeated. It’s a good idea to try to escape by driving a vehicle. Be careful not to touch it Otherwise it will be disabled immediately. For now, your best option is to run to Krampus and lose interest.

Nevertheless, the appearance of Krampus in the crater has brought some Really interesting moment To the battle royale. Although the frustration of competitive players is understandable, those of us who are joking rather than winning get a lot of content from the furry hunters.

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Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty: War Zone, is currently in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in California. Due to an undiscovered problem, the employee has tried to join the union. The latest update is an email from an executive that discourages these efforts.