Candyman, Netflix’s Nightbooks, Cry Macho and 8 new movies you can watch now

A few weeks after its release, Nia DaCosta’s Candy man VOD has been reached. Direct sequel and spiritual follow-up to the 1992 horror movie (also named) Candy man, DaCosta’s film is re-enacted 27 years later, and Yahya Abdul Mattin II (The Watcher) is played as a young artist who unknowingly reawakens his ferocious spirit. And it caused destruction and terror to the people he loved.

If you don’t want to be afraid, there are still plenty of new streaming media and video on demand this weekend.We have the latest action movie starring weird Nicolas Cage Prisoner of Ghostlands, Netflix’s new fantasy fantasy Night book, Clint Eastwood Crying hunk On HBO Max, Amazon’s musical Everyone is talking about jamie, And more.

To help you understand the new and available content, here is our movie guide, you can watch movies on demand and streaming this weekend.

Candy man

Watching location: Available for rent for $19.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple and Vudu

Photo: Universal

DaCosta’s 2021 sequel Candy man Re-contextualize the original film in a surprising (and critical) way, imagining Candyman as no longer a single ghost, but more of a generational trauma caused by the sacrifices of blacks who have suffered systematic violence . Although the creative ambition of DaCosta film is admirable, the film itself may leave some deficiencies to some audiences. From our review,

Like Anthony, Da Costa seems to want to use her work to express something substantial.she Candy man Extensive metaphorical brushstrokes are made on the larger urban black experience, but it is aimed at ignorant audiences who need to understand racial politics through storytelling.The ending of the movie is particularly messy, rather than being cleverly tied together, it’s more about setting up a sequel. Candy manVarious freshman themes. The film lacks a cohesive vision, so that the audience will spend the entire film waiting for the flashback and summary to end, and Da Costa’s film to finally begin. But in the end, she just offered a visually stunning tribute to the original movie. For a talented director like her, this is not enough.

Prisoner of Ghostlands

Watching location: Available for Lease $6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple and Vudu

Nicholas Cage and Sakaguchi Taku duel in

Photo: Toshio Watanabe / RLJE Films

Anyone familiar with Nicholas Cage’s work knows that there is no “Over the peak“To Oscar-winning actors. So when it comes to Prisoner of GhostlandsA new black western action film starring Cage, playing a criminal mercenary named hero who is sent to a parallel dimension to rescue the granddaughter of the warlord. At this point, Cage’s course is really normal.Samurai, blood, and explosives mounted on the testicles are endless, and absolutely unambiguous whip. From our review,

Prisoner of Ghostlands Get ready for a midnight movie session full of people and less drinking. Presented in a less-than-ideal family venue, according to the nature of the virtual Sundance, this is a delightful love letter to an excess of action movies.Like the Wachowskis Jupiter ascends Or, to be more precise, Who framed Roger RabbitSono uses the logic of cartoon nonsense in order to bring Cage to every unexpected mile mark in the movie. The Governor is an American, so it is obvious that he is wearing a white coat and a cowboy hat. The samurai warrior may also be an RPG NPC participating in a swordsmanship battle based on Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”. A sequence describing the accident that melted the country into its former self-decaying shadow flips on the screen like a comic page. A star who opened his mouth and raised his eyebrows “Wut?” The face is glue that glues all the pieces to the collage.

Night book

Watching location: Live broadcast Netflix

Christos Carlo Holidis/NETFLIX

Based on JA White’s 2018 Horror Fantasy Children’s Book, David Yarovesky’s Night book Winslow Figley plays Alex Mosher, a boy from Brooklyn whose talent for telling horror stories attracted the attention of Natasha (Christine Ritter). Natasha is A powerful witch, she kidnapped young Alex and imprisoned him in her magical apartment.resemblance One thousand and one nights, Alex is forced to tell a terrible story to Natasha every night…otherwise he will face terrible consequences. Alex had to join forces with another imprisoned child Yasmin (Lydia Juvet) to successfully avoid Natasha and find a way to escape. The trailer looks weird and funny enough, as do many of Natasha’s quirky costumes (hot neon pink platform shoes!).

Crying hunk

Watching location: In the theater and can be played HBO max

Mike Milo (Clint Eastwood) sits by the campfire in Cry Macho.

Photo: Warner Bros.

The 91-year-old, award-winning actor and director Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) showed no signs of stopping in “Cry Macho” (Cry Macho), which is based on N. Richard. · N. Richard Nash The latest new Western drama based on the novel of the same name in 1975. The former Texas rodeo star Mike Milo, played by Eastwood, was hired by his former boss to travel to Mexico to bring back his erring child. His futility in performing “masculinity” and in the movie trailer The bittersweet consequences of life choices feel melancholy. Crying hunk Originally intended to play Arnold Schwarzenegger, but in view of the controversy during the production process, Eastwood had to intervene.

Everyone is talking about jamie

Watching location: Live broadcast Amazon Prime Video

Everyone is talking about Jamie Max Harwood

Photo: Amazon Studio

Adapted from the award-winning stage musical by Dan Gillespie Sells and Tom MacRae, directed by Jonathan Butterell’s adult musical Everyone is talking about jamie Max Harwood (Max Harwood) plays a shy 16-year-old from a blue-collar town in the United Kingdom. He dreams of becoming a drag queen one day. Under the auspices of their mentor Loco Chanelle (Richard E. Grant), Jamie disregarded the ridicule of his father, classmates and teachers, eager to realize his dreams and inspire others to know and be the truest self. The music figures look interesting, photography courtesy of Christopher Ross (cat) Looks lively and creative.Will you talk about Everyone is talking about jamie End of the weekend? Who knows, but never say that I will leave an unwritten pun.

best seller

Watching location: Available for Lease $6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple and Vudu

Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cain in the bestseller

Photo: Screen Media Movie

Lina Roessler’s comedy is played by Aubrey Plaza as Lucy Stanbridge, who is the heir to a once-brilliant publishing house. A series of failed works fell into trouble. Hungry for a bestseller, Lucy turns to Harris Shaw (Michael Cain), a grumpy alcoholic writer who is still signing a contract for the final book. After his novel was published, Lucy and Harris embarked on a publicity journey full of misfortune, enlightenment and a lot of drinks. Caine and Plaza are a leading duo that is unlikely to be face-to-face, but it is not difficult to imagine that the combination of the former’s grumpy charm and the latter’s indifferent humorous brand may be an interesting secret to success.

Nowhere Hostel

Watching location: In the theater, it can be rented for $6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple and Vudu

Saint Vincent stared at the mirror full of handwritten words in the Nowhere Inn.

Photo: IFC movie

Exit through the gift shop satisfy This is a spinal tap exist Nowhere Hostel, A movie by Anne Clark (aka St. Vincent) and Kelly Brownstein (Portland). Stylized into a concert documentary directed by a fictional version of Bronstein himself, Nowhere Hostel Looks like a weird, self-aware weirdo, focusing on the essence of performance and the difference between musician mythology and real life.

This is what happened last Friday:


Watching location: In the theater and can be played HBO max

In the trailer for Malignant, when something rises from behind her, the protagonist Madison wakes up in fear

Photo: Warner Bros.

Halloween is coming soon, what better way than to prepare saw with insidious Director James Wan’s latest psychological thriller horror film tells a woman (Annabel Wallis) haunted by the illusion of a brutal real murder committed by her imaginary friend?The trailer is Malignant It looked absolutely disturbing, the location gradually turned into a nightmare picture, the fast deep-focus zoom lens, the creepy Jiu-Jitsu body crawled back into the narrow dark hole. Wan’s previous work has shown that, if it were not for an outright franchise starter, we are at least a solid horror film. However, the movie itself may be a little silly than most viewers expected. From our review,

Malignant It was a big laugh, whether it was intentional or when it slowed down to be more thoughtful. Its themes of family, abuse, and trauma rarely become meaningful. But sometimes, this movie fully demonstrates the physical pain in the form of Gonzo. There are cartoon-like wailing and bumps, and CGI weirdness similar to the practical works of blinking. Wan made a visual feast from several scenes by sending his Steadicam zippers around the room. Maybe there was a more serious film version at some point in the development process, but in the version that ended on the screen, Wan’s unabashed attention to its stupid elements made it worthwhile.


Watching location: Available at Netflix

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Miku Martineau in Kate

Photo: Jasin Boland/Netflix

Cedric Nicolas-TroyanHunter: Winter’s War) Action revenge thriller star Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Raptor) Plays Kate, a highly skilled assassin who begins a 24-hour hunt to avenge the conspirators who poisoned her before her untimely death. Depend on. . .Production John Wick with Atomic Blonde Cinematography provided by directors David Reach and Lyle Vincent (A girl goes home alone at night, Thoroughbred horse), this movie looks like a standard improvisation of Leitch’s previous work. At least it has a scene where a sleek neon pink sports car unscrupulously peels between oncoming traffic and the setting in a strange monochromatic Japanese tea room. From our review,

Another female-led action film lacking imagination, written and directed by men, who communicate their twists and turns and rely on flashbacks instead of bothering to write about character development. Kate The error “Women can kill like men!” For some new idea.No-not suitable for Netflix, close behind Gunpowder Milkshake, Not other studios, and be protected with Bumps In the past few months, each other stepped in the footsteps of stilettos. The film’s description of Japanese culture as an isolated obsession with “honor” and disdain for outsiders is not particularly new. The West sees the gang as a businessman with a samurai sword, and it is becoming less and less inspired.

Wadi Gunfight

Watching location: Available for Lease $6.99 Amazon Prime Video, Apple; Vudu $5.99

Joshua Dickinson as Alonzo Murrieta in the Wadi Gunfight

Photo: Quiver distribution

Wadi Gunfight It tells the story of the residents of Dry River, a Mexican border town in the twilight of the Old West, suffering from drought and being plundered by vicious families of murderous American prospectors hoping to pan for gold. But when a mysterious stranger (Fabricio Christian Amance) came to town, hoping to reclaim the land his father had lost, his arrival triggered a series of events that eventually led to blood and guns. The explosive confrontation of sound. There are fierce knife battles, intense gun battles, buried treasures, and ensemble actors composed of Charlie Creed-Miles (fifth Element), Michael Moriarty (Pale knight), Ann Mitchell (widow), Joshua Dickinson (Redcon-1), and more.