Canton of Warheim in 2022: Still the King of Cooperatives

The State of PC Gaming

(Image credit: Riot)

As we approach 2022, we’ll take a look at the major games, genres, and platforms that make PC games to see where they stand as the new year begins.

The biggest and best surprise of 2021 comes as the year begins. Valheim, an open-world Viking survival game from five developers at Iron Gate Studios, launched in Early Access in February and immediately became one of the most popular games of the year. Focused on co-op rather than PvP, Valheim is the perfect place to spend time with friends during a pandemic that makes in-person gatherings difficult, and its twist on the survival system makes it appealing even to non-survival enthusiasts .

Players enjoy building massive and complex forts, navigating the seas in search of adventure, and battling powerful boss monsters that provide the tools needed to survive the increasingly deadly biomes of the Viking afterlife.