Capcom begins preparations for the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter in 2022

Japanese game site Faguang Recently I interviewed some famous video game designers from different companies to understand their plans for 2022. One of the questioned is Ryozo Tsujimoto, who is the head of Capcom’s consumer game development department 2 and the producer of the current “Monster Hunter” series. He said that next year he will be busy continuing to work on the upcoming “Monster Hunter” series. “: Rise” DLC expansion work, the extension is “Monster Hunter: Rise: Sunbreak”, and is scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch in the summer. He also mentioned that the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series will come in 2024, so the team will be busy preparing something special for Monster Hunter fans.

“In 2022, I first want to deliver “Monster Hunter: Rise” scheduled for summer to everyone in a solid state. And the Monster Hunter series will usher in its 20th anniversary in 2024, so I should start preparing for various things as soon as possible. .”

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