Capcom is asking players about the PC-Switch cross-play and cross-save in “Monster Hunter: Rise”

One of the biggest highlights on TGS this year is the announcement of the release date of the PC version Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom even showed the clearer visual effects of the game on PC for the first time in the game trailer, and announced that it will conduct a demo this month.

But it is doubtful that there was no discussion about the cross-play of the Switch version or the cross-process between the two platforms in the explosion. Capcom didn’t even mention the possibility that existing Switch players will be able to transfer their progress to the PC version when the PC version arrives.

Of course, all of this is not surprising. Monster Hunter World was launched on PC a few months after the console was released, and the game-to this day-does not provide cross-play or cross-save.However, there is possible Still Rise’s hope.

As part of TGS 2021, Capcom released a survey of Monster Hunter fans, asking what would make the upcoming PC version of Rise more popular.As found @Nibellion On twitter, Polls (No longer live broadcast) Players will be polled for three specific features.

The first is to demonstrate usability, then there is the option of cross-playing between PC and Switch, and finally there is another option to cross-play with Switch.

Obviously, this does not necessarily confirm that these features are under development. In other words, game publishers usually include certain questions in their surveys that involve features that are already in development, rather than features they are considering. In these cases, surveys can help publishers prioritize their marketing-so cross-play and cross-save may occur because Capcom is likely to know the players’ desires for them very well.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will land on PC on January 12, 2022. The upcoming Sunbreak expansion pack will be released for PC and Switch in the summer.