Capcom reveals that Monster Hunter: Rise has now shipped more than 7.5 million copies

Capcom revealed in a press release that the limited-time exclusive Monster Hunter: Rise on Nintendo Switch has now shipped more than 7.5 million units. Considering that the PC release of “Monster Hunter: Rise” will not be until January 2022, based only on the Switch copy, this is an impressive number. Capcom announced that the game had shipped 4 million units shortly after its release on March 29, 2021, so it was clear that the game was a success for both Capcom and Nintendo.

“The grand prize winner “Monster Hunter: Rise” is a monster hunter game released for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. The game aims to provide a brand new, accessible monster hunter experience that can be enjoyed with anyone anytime, anywhere. In addition to new In addition to the monsters and locations of, the game also brings a series of new and exciting hunting actions through Wirebug and the debut of a new “canyne” hunting partner named Palamutes, which provides a brand new hunting experience. Among them, it has been well received by players, and global shipments have exceeded 7.5 million units.”


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