Capcom stated that Monster Hunter Rise is impossible to cross-game and cross-save between PC and Switch

Sharpen your insect blade and make yourself a hot drink-it looks like you have to go back and hone again Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom has announced that when it launches on January 12, it will “cannot be implemented in the PC version of the game” cross-save and cross-play features.

“We have heard your request for cross-saving and cross-playing of the “Monster Hunter: Rise” and “Breaking Dawn” expansion packs,” A tweet Said from the official Monster Hunter account. “Unfortunately, after studying it throughout the development process, we found that it could not be implemented this time. As always, we thank you for your continued feedback and support.”

This means that if you, like many of us, have completed the game and want to import your data—and your handsome hunter, filled with their elaborate costumes—into the PC version that will be launched in January, you Just out of luck. Back to the beginning of the game.

It’s also bad news for anyone who wants hunting friends on Nintendo Switch to be caught by their hunting horns when they jump into the PC-no cross-play means no teaming up and knocking down the bulky elder dragon together .

Back in early October, we saw Capcom asking players what would make the PC version of the upcoming Rise more popular, which prompted many people to think that the developers were preparing some kind of cross-game announcement. Alas, the one they got was very disappointing.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will land on PC on January 12, 2022. The upcoming Sunbreak expansion pack will be released on PC and Switch in the summer of 2022, with the ancient dragon Malzeno as its iconic beast.