Castlevania gets bloody NFTs | PC gamers

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, a series that has been delivering great 2D whiplash adventures since the NES days, and even the venerable 3D Lord of Shadows (the dodging sequel). Like many of Konami’s biggest series, it appears to have been on a hiatus for a while, barring re-releases, but any hopes of a surprise new entry to mark the anniversary were dashed: instead, we’re getting NFTs.

Konami has announced the “Konami Memorial NFT Series,” which does sound like a worrisome funeral, featuring 14 Castlevania images, including game scenes, music, and some new visuals from the series’ history.The collection will be auctioned on January 12 an official websitePretty cool that the provided images of the above NFTs are all tagged as “samples”, just in case anyone has naughty ideas, you know, right click and save them.