Castlevania Premium Collection reminds us why sad arias are great

I like Castlevania: Symphony of the NightIt defines the Metroid-like Castlevania type, and no other Castlevania game can surpass its huge scope. However, when people asked me about my favorite game in the series, I didn’t mean a symphony—I meant an aria.

The three Game Boy Advance Castlevania games are inspired by Symphony of the Night, To achieve varying degrees of success.In the first two games, the 2001 Full moon Easily beat 2002 Discordant harmony, But neither can be compared with the previous PlayStation inspiration. Even today, they are very interesting, but they are not games that I often talk about. In hindsight, it turns out that they are the preface to the big show.

Castlevania: Aria of SadnessReleased in 2003, just this week as Castlevania Premium Collection (This includes all three GBA games, and Dracula X, For the sake of sanity, we will ignore it because it is not very good).

Sad aria There are many reasons worth mentioning, the most important of which is that it is the first Castlevania game in the future. In 2035, a teenager wearing a sick white duster discovers that he possesses supernatural powers. Will the game of the future change anything? Not really. Dracula doesn’t use robots and doesn’t worry about the number of his followers, but this setting does allow occasional futuristic laughter to permeate other ancient settings (read: laser gun).

As a possible reincarnation of Dracula, the protagonist Soma Cruz can absorb the power of various enemies he fought against. For example, killing a bone-throwing skeleton might give him the ability to throw bones himself. This so-called tactical soul system is a key component, because each of the dozens of enemies in the game has some game-changing power that gives Soma an advantage.Right here Sad aria I really started to differentiate myself and added a feature that I really missed when I went back to play Symphony of the Night.

Symphony of the Night Depends on a small number of useful weapon types and capabilities. Alucard can spend 90% of the adventure time with different long swords and a throwing axe, and there is no problem at all.At the same time, the tactical soul system is Sad aria Encourage constant adjustment and experimentation. You may stumble upon a new enemy and wonder what their soul might offer. Some may be simple statistical improvements, while others provide new mobility enhancements. Of course, you can hit things with your sword…or you can shoot damn light from your hands. It all depends on you. It provides more player choices than before Castlevania.

Yes, this zombie gives you the ability to throw grenades.
Image: Konami via Polygon

Damn, even if you just want to keep using the weapon, aria‘S arsenal is far greater than Symphony of the Night‘s, from axe to hammer to spear and real gun. In this game, you can really shoot death with a laser gun.

Another edge Sad aria Provides more than the other two GBA parts: it can actually work with Symphony of the NightAlthough its level of detail may not be as good as PlayStation games (compared to PlayStation’s 256×240, GBA is limited to 240×160 pixels and lacks some fancy 3D effects), aria Extrude every point from these pixels. For example, I can watch Soma Cruz’s walking animation all day and twice on Sundays. That coat is coming, That Saturday night party Swagger-what else do you want?

I can write about which fields for many years Sad aria Either compete with them or beat their efforts Symphony of the Night. But I will not keep you.If you have never played this game and you think you are a fan of Metroidvanias, it is definitely worth considering buying Castlevania Premium Collection, Just for this game. (Hey, the other games in it are also very good…because I’m still ignoring Dracula X.)

The series includes some beautiful features, such as sketches from the development team and original box art from different regions. If you are afraid to find a save space, you can even play these games by quickly saving and rewinding.But in most cases, this is just an excuse for me to play games Sad aria On the huge TV, once again bathed in the light of that pillar.