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What is it? An open world of extreme sports-think of Steep 2 with a bicycle.
Expect to pay $60£50
Developer Ubisoft Annecy
Publisher Ubisoft
Review date i7 9700K, RTX 1080 TI, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? Up to 64 players
Associate Official website

“It may not sound like it, but believe me-it’s fashionable…” Many invisible voices guided me through this bold new society of extreme sports in the mountains. One of them told me that I could win a pizza takeaway bike on the mountain. . The next event. She was there, criticizing herself intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone here said as if they were fascinated by Red Bull IV and Life is Strange’s graduation English lessons from Professor Chloe. This is a lot.

A little more can be a good thing, you know. The spiritual sequel to Ubisoft Annecy’s 2016 “Steep” is definitely an extremist game, even though it is a brutal and chattering game. Joining its ancestors’ snow sports and wingsuit are bicycle disciplines and powered vehicles, all of which are ready to be swapped in real time by pressing a button and flicking a thumbstick.

Patchwork quilts from Real World National Parks form a gorgeous world map, with red rocks giving way to budding tundra and succumbing to powdery white peaks. Event markers pop up like a plague of energy drink brands, waiting for the park ranger protagonist to use their chopping, catching pain, and other similar abilities to clean them up. Large-scale events unlocked by reaching milestones in specific disciplines are special highlights and bring completely different geographical propositions. Hidden behind the event is a skilled professional race that requires bold and dexterous feats like Super Meat Boy. There must be a variety of them here.

(Image source: Ubisoft)

Occasionally, a different invisible sound brings us into a large event, where as many as 64 players begin to make logically absurd short trips on bicycles, snowboards, snowboards and rocket wings. It’s like speed dating SSX, Dave Mirra freestyle BMX and Superman 64 lobbying the entire PUBG anti-socialist company.