Caves and cliffs in Minecraft: Part 2 is coming soon, with a wild update and Allay mob coming in 2022

During today’s Minecon Live, Mojang introduced the next major update my world: A wild update.

The free update will introduce new game mechanics, depth, and new blocks and creatures, including mud, mangroves and swamps, and updated swamps, frogs and frog eggs. Players can also place boxes on the ship.

Launching alongside Wild Update is the Deep Dark biome and the hostile Warden mob. The content will include reimagining the city of this complex new biome.

It was also announced that the winner of the new mob fan vote was Allais. This thug is a peaceful, cute, and helpful soul who likes to collect objects and loves music. The Allay collects items that match the items it holdsTo bring the collected items to the player. If a note block is playing nearby, Allay will place the item there.

Finally, it is announced that you will soon be able to revel in caves and cliffs: Part 2. Mojang split the biggest update to date into two parts, allowing the team to combine community feedback and fan art to make the second part better than the others.

Announced as early as October 2020, the first part of the cave and cliff update was released in June, including salamanders, glowing squids, goats, telescopes, and a large number of new blocks, such as amethyst, dripping leaves, and copper blocks.

Caves and cliffs: Part 2 update will be released later this year.