CD Projket Group acquires Flame in the Flood developer to develop new wizard or cyberpunk games

CD Projekt Group announced that they have acquired The Molasses Flood, the development studio behind Flame in the Flame. The development studio consists of video game developers of popular games such as Halo and BioShock. The press release stated that Molasses Flood will work closely with CD Projekt Red, but they will still be an independent development team and will not be merged into CD Projekt Red’s current team. CD Projekt Red is the team behind the “Witcher” series and Cyberpunk 2077. The press release stated that the new studio “will work on its own ambitious project based on an IP from CD PROJEKT.”

“We are always looking for a team that makes games with heart. Molasses Flood is as passionate about video game development as we are. They are experienced, quality-oriented, and have excellent technical insights. I believe they will bring a lot of talent and determination to the group. .”

Adam KiciƄski, President and Co-CEO of CD PROJEKT.

“Starting from The Molasses Flood, our goal is to create games that can touch and inspire people. When CD PROJEKT asked us about the possibility of cooperation, we saw a rare opportunity to cooperate with our favorite company. Create games in the world we love to reach a wider audience. With the support of CD PROJEKT and its talented team, we are very happy to continue our mission.”

Forrest Dowling, head of The Molasses Flood studio.