Celebrate Halloween on Roblox-Roblox Blog

As the night gets longer and longer, the leaves begin to fall-Halloween is coming! To celebrate the scariest season, some of your favorite experiences on Roblox have added new tricks and treats only for Halloween! So, put on your costume and light up your jack-o-lantern, it’s time for a creepy adventure in the meta-universe!

Show off your Halloween spirit

Just like a bowl of unattended candies on the porch, you can have unlimited fun on Roblox, with many options to choose from.Dress up your avatar in a collection of scream-worthy items from the community, including Halloween wavy braids, A sort of Black spider web veil, Even a Crystal skull crown Create the ultimate Halloween costume.

Explore Halloween events on Roblox

Once you are all used to the panic, it’s time to discover what holiday surprises await in the entire Metaverse. Here are some of the Halloween updates you will find:

  • ghost: The Ghost City is fully dressed up for Halloween! Fly around on a broom, collect recipes for special Halloween decorations, and complete special quests for the Adams family to earn evil rewards!
  • Super golf!: Pass a new Halloween-themed forest map full of dark surprises. You can even customize your ball with two creepy new packs.
  • Royal High School: Explore the horror and celebration of Wickery Cliffs as you and your friends play Halloween mini games, collect candies and exchange them for accessories.
  • Halloween Soul: Dive into a terrifying and fun realm, defeat enemies and complete creepy missions to earn rewards that can be redeemed in a series of popular experiences on Roblox, including Restaurant Tycoon 2, Roblox High School 2, Arsenal and more!

Chipotle‚Äôs “Boorito” Halloween celebration comes to life on Roblox

Starting on October 28th, Chipotle will bring their Boorito tradition into the meta-universe through the official “Chipotle Boorito Maze” experience, experience Halloween costumes inspired by Chipotle, a haunted maze, where you can get free and exclusive Of everyday virtual items, and free burritos. Visit experience learn more.

We hope this review will inspire you and your friends to have some great time at Roblox this Halloween. For more featured Halloween items and events, please check our event page here.