Celebrate the Cape Crusader on Batman Day this Saturday

Did you know that this Saturday is Batman Day? Batman Day officially started in 2014, coming on the third Saturday of September to celebrate Batman’s first appearance in detective comics. Although that date was actually sometime in June 1939, it did not make us excited about the role of commemorating Batman. DC Comics celebrates this moment in many ways, including special products released this week or providing fans with a cool Batman story for free. Here are some ways you can enjoy the Dark Knight on special bat days.

This week, DC released a large anthology of graphic novels produced by a global team called Batman: World. 14 creative teams from 14 different countries gathered together to produce this important book. Check in on page 184, Batman: World Each team has a story, including “from the story of award-winning writer Brian Azarello and artist Lee Birmejo (Batman: Damn, Joker), in which Batman reflects on his work in Gotham The time has protected his city and its residents from various threats,” according to a DC press release. Batman: World It was released last Tuesday, September 14, so please feel free to pick these international Batman adventure stories from your favorite comic book store or digital marketplace. The book can also be previewed for free in places where comics are sold.

world Not the only comedy attraction on Batman Day! DC is releasing a reprint of a popular comic Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1, It brings the world’s greatest detective into the world of Fortnite. Online, Batman: The Adventures of the Wayne Family Is a new webcomic via Web comics Composed of Bruce and Damian Wayne, Alfred Penniworth and Duke Thomas (aka Signal), the latter is the newest volunteer police officer in Gotham City under the direction of Bruce. If you want to easily understand the family fighting crime, you can watch four episodes now.

Of course, HBO Max is home to all your favorite Batman movies and animated movies.Only on Batman Day, DC is making 10 parts Batman: Audio Adventure, A scripted Batman podcast, available on the HBO Max streaming service.Those who own the cartoon network can enjoy the new episode Young Titans go! And T showHe Lego Batman Movie.

How will you spend your Batman Day? Will you choose to curl up on your favorite question in The Dark Knight Adventure, or do you want to start watching Batman: The Animated Series again? Throw those bat signals in the comments.