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I have Talked a lot About how the complexity we are building requires a very talented team-and this team not only includes the talent we have today. “Focus on the long-term” is one of Roblox’s values, and you will hear it all the time in the company. This value is most applicable when we consider building and developing our team. Metaverse is a cross-generational project. People will be engaged in this work for a long time after we all retire. This is why we are always looking for emerging innovators who can develop the next generation of technological advancements.

Speaking of emerging innovators, Roblox interns in 2021 gave their final speech last week, marking the end of this year’s plan and summer. We have a great group of interns this summer and they delivered impressive projects, so I think I need to take a moment to understand how amazing and important our interns are to me and Roblox as a company. And highlight some of their exciting work.

A timely project with our recently launched Spatial voice chat on the platform. A basic question of functions such as spatial voice is: how do we adjust it and ensure its safety? Max Zhang (UCLA ’22) worked with the voice team to build our first internal proof of concept related to audio recording and secure storage for review. Max showed some impressive initiative, taking the audit tool’s capabilities far beyond the original scope.

Most Roblox applications you use (on your phone or on your PC) are written in the same language used by our developer community: Lua. Using Lua internally is our way of independent device development and allows us to deploy to as many platforms as possible. Eunice Chen (Carnegie Mellon ’22) took a key part of the native device component-our login and registration process-and built a Lua equivalent. This provides us with a single place for innovation, and most importantly, makes the process easier, safer, and more elegant.

Roblox must always consider scale and load, especially in events featuring Lil Nas X, Zara Larsson, or the recent KSI, where the load will increase rapidly. Amanda Tomlinson (UC San Diego ’22) has built a system that can warm up our content delivery network (CDN) for these events in order to prepare before the event begins. Last August, we used this new system to support the KSI kick-off party, so this new system has already started to work.

The last two projects I want to highlight show some interesting artificial intelligence work by Roblox. Today, we have built-in pathfinding on Roblox based on A* search, making it easier for creators to automate agents in the experience. However, the A* search does not consider the steering angle of the agent, which may cause problems because agents such as cars cannot immediately turn at a large angle. Vivian Jiang (Cornell University ’22, my alma mater – Go Big Red!) uses a hybrid A* search, which takes into account the maximum steering angle and provides a better tool for vehicle automation.

The second project is automated translation, which is critical to how we deploy globally, because most of our tens of millions of experience are created by small entrepreneurial teams or individuals who don’t have a large translation team available. . This method works well for direct text, but the text is usually embedded in the image! Anson Chen (University of Maryland ’22) accepted this challenge and built a Studio plugin that localizes images by translating any text content that exists.

Obviously, the internship is not only about the project, but also about the people you work with, learn from, and even want to laugh with you!This summer, when I made our own local version Hot Challenge In answering their questions. Our interns listened to the opinions of the entire company’s team, such as audiovisual, content platforms, universal content, and growth, how they helped build the meta-universe; met industry professionals outside of Roblox, such as Dr. Chela White-Ramsey, to discuss How to overcome imposter syndrome; there is even a virtual dance party hosted by 3D artist and VR enthusiast DJ Celeste. All these experiences allow our interns to understand us better, how a fast-growing company works, and even see that it’s not just status and deliverables!

We asked a lot of interns because we want them to know that their work is important to us. This internship is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity for them to achieve results and prepare for future professional success. We have set a very high standard at Roblox and recruitment is fiercely competitive, but when we believe that a candidate has the ability to join us immediately as a new graduate, we will not hesitate to provide an offer. At the same time, our main goal is to ensure a wonderful experience in summer. I reviewed my internship (too many years ago), which had a major impact on my future career. I try to make Roblox have the same lifelong impact on our interns, and I am lucky to benefit from it.

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