Celebrating the 2021 Safe Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. This is an international event that brings people and organizations together to create a better Internet for everyone. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to learn how to critically evaluate the information we see and hear. The last few years have been hit by political interference, false alarms, so-called “fake news,” and allegations of conspiracy, many of which are widely shared on the Web. All aspects can be extreme, making it difficult to find safe and reliable information for a balanced view. If you listen only to what you believe in, you will be part of the echo chamber and you will not be able to see or hear other valid perspectives.

This year’s theme is Safer internet day “The Internet begins with I and ends with T” (US) and “Reliable Internet: Exploring the Reliability of the Online World” (UK).In America, “start with me” means “what I “What we can do to improve the Internet”, “ending in T” reminds us all of us in this situation. togetherThis includes family businesses, businesses, governments, and everyone else. We all have a role to play. Today is also a great time to discuss with your children and teens how to critically evaluate the information you see online. How do they confirm the facts? Here are some ideas:

  • We encourage you to look at multiple sources.
  • Ask someone you can trust, perhaps your family or teacher. Please give us various opinions!
  • Access the following news fact checking services: SnopesEasy access to.
  • Talk about specific topics such as prejudices, opinions, reviews, and understanding the differences between academic studies. How do they affect your decision making?

Here’s how Roblox plays that role:

Safer Internet Day wants to share some of our ongoing efforts to promote the safe and responsible use of technology.

In 2020, we will have young people as part of our digital capabilities and education efforts. Scavenger hunt game Test their critical thinking skills at Roblox. Why not take the time to have fun together, play together and check your fact-checking abilities for Safer Internet Day?

Also, to commemorate this event this year, we are preparing new collection items for a limited time. Encourage your children and teens to wear it. This hat Please help us spread the message while taking pride in our role of “together for the better internet”. The more participants you have, the more impactful your day will be! We also encourage all employees around the world to use hashtags to raise awareness on social channels. #AnInternetWeTrust And # SID2021 Then I talked with my family about this year’s theme.

In the background, he’s recording a new podcast with Jordan Shapiro, author of The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World. It will start in the coming months on all your favorite streaming platforms. Interested in the “digital future” with guests such as game developers, world-class scholars, pediatric experts, educators, and those who are enthusiastic about making the Internet a more comfortable and safe place. We promise to be a great resource for everyone.

At the end, Connect securely Hosted Safer Internet Day in the United States and kindly asked to raise awareness by attending a special event called “Industry Insight”. We joined several major tech companies and talked about our efforts to build a safe and healthy community.You can see it Here..

What can you and your family do to make the Internet a better place in 2021?