Celestials of Eternals and Galactus of Fantastic Four: Key cosmic differences

Eternal race Finally, the gods are brought into the MCU, which is a huge boon for fans of the Marvel comics universe.But those who know the Marvel comics but don’t have a deep understanding of the cosmology of its huge universe may wonder about the possible connection between the gods. The gods are the giant space gods that threaten to destroy the earth, and the galaxy is a giant space god. Destroy the Earth threatens to destroy the Earth that often appears in the Fantastic Four books (and is likely to appear in Marvel Studios’ own Fantastic Four Restart movie).

But is Galactus a celestial body like Arishem and Tiamut? Eternal race? Do not. But he is not far from those otherworldly roles.

This is the way to distinguish them.

The history of celestial bodies

Since there are so many Eternal race To focus on the birth of the god Tiamut, let’s start with those big bosses.Created on page by Jack Kirby Eternal race In 1976, the gods were a huge race of super-powerful universe creatures created by the first firmament, which was the first incarnation of the universe ever. The first firmament created life, resulting in two races-candidates who desire to be recognized by the first firmament and follow their wishes, and the gods who want to control their existence to shape the universe around them. The gods rebelled against their creators and shattered the first firmament into the first ever multiverse, which was later called the second universe. The gods have survived this cycle of destruction and rebirth many times (for reference) , A universe consists of all realities, each universe in the multiverse and everything outside of them). For example, Marvel’s comic timeline started in Universe 7 and is now Universe 8.

Jack Kirby/Marvel Comics

Celestial bodies visit inhabited planets and conduct experiments on what they consider to be “lower” life forms with groups called “celestial hosts” to create eternal and anomalous of each species. On earth, this obviously led to the eternal and anomalous we already know (or the immortal and descendant species created by Homo sapiens, respectively). What’s more interesting is that in terms of the impact on the MCU, they also introduced a gene that caused the advanced person-the mutant-to eventually exist. After their experiment, the gods left for a while, and then returned to judge the planet. If they find the planet needs it, they will destroy it.

How is Galactus different from Celestial?

Galactus was not created by the first firmament.but he Yes From the past life of the universe.

Galactus first appeared as an apocalyptic threat in Fantastic Four, Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.The duo will continue to flesh out his origin story on the page Thor: Galactus was originally a person named Galan, who was born on a very advanced planet named Taa, very close to the existence of the sixth universe. The Tai’an people discovered that just as the universe started with the big bang, it will also end with the big bang. Big austerity ——The entire universe will collapse together, destroy everything, and restart the next cycle of the universe. Garland was sent to the search space to find a way to stop the great crisis, but was unsuccessful. On the contrary, Garland somehow found himself surviving all this collapse, appearing as the Devourer or the world in the seventh universe, acting as an agent of the rebirth of the universe.


Image: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby/Marvel Comics

How this happened is still a bit controversial, because comics sometimes conflict with each other, and Galactus’ own story is different from the stories of different entities from the sixth universe. But the common point is that the Garan of Ta’a survived the collapse of the sixth universe and appeared in the form of the Milky Way in the seventh universe.

Milky Way Function It is also the biggest difference between him and the gods. As the devourer of the world, Galactus need Eat planets to survive. He does not test his food, he is not here to judge anything. He was just hungry, used his huge spacecraft to transform a planet into pure cosmic energy, and then feasted on his mouth.Galactus Do Occasionally, mortals will be instilled in the universe of energy, and they will be conscripted as his pioneers and explorers of new planets to consume. But his intentions were completely different from those of the gods, and he didn’t operate on the same scale at all.

But just because he is a giant from the early universe and wears a stupid hat does not mean that Galactus is one of the gods. And he can still play his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-whenever the Fantastic Four movie finally starts. Since the huge cosmic entity is clearly at work, everything seems possible in this colorful universe of Marvel movies.