CES 2022 attendees film every bizarre use of the ‘metaverse’

“One of my oldest friends recently told me that from now on I’m going to be his ‘Metaverse Guy’. It’s scary to me because despite hearing people say ‘like the Metaverse’ for years, I still Not sure what it actually means” in the real world. A trip to CES made it very clear to me: it doesn’t make any sense. It’s an empty buzzword that can mean anything a marketer wants. “

This is what Nima Zeighami told me to follow him Huge Twitter post captures every mention of the word ‘metaverse’ at CES 2022. This year, he attended major tech fairs, met people, experienced the latest tech, and helped him as a technical product manager for immersive products – focusing on AR/AR/Lightfield technologies – and he found a lot of “Metaverse” “.

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