Chains of Domination, a new patch for World of Warcraft, has been released

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands The 9.1 patch on Tuesday is in the release phase for several months as it is the first content to be fully created under Blizzard Entertainment’s telecommuting protocol. Chains of Dominations will change the current Anima Lined and Covenant quests by introducing a new content Smörgås board for players focused on endgame.

The first and most prominent is the new zone of the secret city of Corsia. Corsia is Mo’s next frontier, and Covenant is appearing to fight prison officers. The area has two new reputations and a large number of mounts, as well as new equipment and quests. If you’re looking for a new hosi or bat to ride, this patch is a pretty good time — with a total of 45 added to the game.

There is also an assault with Corsia, known as the Sanctuary of Domination, and it is Shadowlands cast. Some of these people are brand new characters, while others are returning enemies from Azeroth. Ner’zhul and Kel’Thuzad have appeared as bosses, and Garrosh Hellscream is part of another encounter. The prison officer has been squeezing his soul for the anima since he died on another timeline. It’s still unclear if Gallosh will go home with us like the weirdest couch surfer in the world.

All new is exciting, but Blizzard is back, World of WarcraftMaximum endgame mode. Togast’s familiar settings should feel a bit like a chore gust for players suffering from roguelike combat gauntlets.

There are fewer floors per layer, and the tower drops 50% more soul ash. It can be used to create legendary weapons. Knocking out a layer allows you to complete the layer again with a small amount of soul ash in the same week in case you need a little more to get that legendary or build a spare.

There are new additions to the mode to end it. A scoring system has been added to Torghast so you can rank your runs. The more times you run, the more you can upgrade a new talent system called the Box of Many Things. You can remove the negative aura and increase the damage. In short, the more you are in Togast, the better you are in Togast.

According to Blizzard, the main source of player feedback was frustration with progress, especially when someone got caught in a tough layer. “It’s interesting to think of the game that inspired the roguelike game Togast,” lead designer Morgan Day said in a phone call with Polygon. “It’s a different relationship in terms of success, and in many of these games you never expect to actually win.”

He continued. “What I found in my relationship with Soul Ash, Legendaries, met Runecarver and talked to him … whenever the player lost, it didn’t feel rewarding. It felt really bad. That’s why I wanted to add a meta-progression element to further refine the meaning of success at Torghast. “

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

This is especially useful as there are new layers. These layers drop Soul Cinder, a new material for building and upgrading legendaries. The huge dungeon Tazabesh, Veil Market, is another good place to get equipment. In a future patch, Tazavesh could be two separate dungeons for running Mythic +.

The Chains of Domination will be available on Tuesday, but it will take some time for the patch to be fully deployed. The raid begins on July 6th, requiring players to navigate a new storyline and learn all the new traditions and secrets.