Chaos surrounds Stranger in Paradise Final Fantasy Origins PS5 Trial

The Stranger of Paradise FINAL FANTASY Origin has undoubtedly made a big leap in the Square Enix E3 showcase. The company decided to conclude the show by featuring a few more Final Fantasy experiences after Marvel’s new features were revealed. Whether people like action-focused combat or immerse themselves in the trailer script, it’s been a hot topic on social media since the showcase was over. Square Enix wanted to bring the game to the hands of its fans at home, but the chaos theme of FINAL FANTASY Origin has plagued these plans.

As announced in the trailer, the demo was set to hit the PlayStation 5 shortly after the new title was revealed. After a while, people were able to download a demo that clocks in at 11.39GB. Unfortunately, when I tried to launch the trial version, I got an error with the following message: “You cannot continue to use this game or app. Your data is corrupted. Please remove it from your PS5 and then download it again from your library.” Uninstalled and re-installed nearly 10 times in the last 18 hours. After installing, I personally realized that this wasn’t the fix we were looking for.

The official Twitter account of FINAL FANTASY Origin sent a tweet last night, providing players with a quick update to let them know that the demo had a problem and that they were working on a solution.

I contacted Square Enix to get the latest information on the Stanger Of Paradise demo. There are no replies at the time of publication, but if you do, please look for updates here.

This dark and chaotic action title is the result of a collaboration between Square Enix and Nioh’s team of developers Ninja. There are familiar names and setting tips from the original FINAL FANTASY, such as the abundantly mentioned “Chaos” and the legendary villain Garland. The game will be available in 2022 on all current Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as personal computers.

E3 is still working and you can find the latest updates on the robust E3 hub. If you want to make FINAL FANTASY even better, Jason Gisao has the first idea about FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade in an ongoing review.