Chapter 343 Investigating the Progress of the Halo Infinite Battle Pass

343 Community Director Brian Jarrard discussed a lot of discussions on Twitter yesterday as players began to enter the free Halo Infinite multiplayer experience. This topic may surprise you because it is not about any weapon being suppressed or the map is weak, but something completely different. So what is all the discussion about? Of course it is a battle pass!

Players complete the battle pass by completing challenges, which can include everything from playing games to logging in to different shots. In forums, Twitter, and many other places where conversations take place, people have noticed that unlocking things on the Battle Pass can feel slow compared to the bonus tracks in other games. The Battle Pass provides a lot of cosmetics, which you can use on your player avatar as the season continues.

Is it really too slow? Is the reward enough to take the time to complete the pass? Time will tell, but 343 is now investigating the battle pass, so I hope the community will get a response soon. Regarding the battle pass and how they add an almost mandatory progress track to the game as a service, players must see the numbers rise and unlock things quickly to feel like they are getting something for their time. Remember when we play games just because they are fun or good? Yes, me too-if you can forgive me, I need to unlock levels 7-10 on my battle pass to get some sweet loot.

What are your thoughts on the battle pass? Have you tried Halo Infinite? What do you think of the progress of the Battle Pass? Let us know in the comments!