Charles Martinet talks about his favorite Mario game

Opportunities for Games Radar and Retro Gamer magazines to chat with Talk to Mario voice actor Charles Martinette about his work for Mario over the years. Mr. Martinet first began to voice Mario in the groundbreaking 3D entry “Super Mario 64” of the Nintendo 64 franchise. In extensive interviews, he was asked about his most memorable recording process. He can’t really identify one, but he did talk about his favorite Mario game and the fun he finds in each game. You can read his thoughts below:

“This taught me something. When’Mr. Miyamoto wants you to play Mario in the game’, Mario 64 appeared. I have more than five years to complete this great invention, and what I want in my mind Things to do in games. We’re like a brave expedition, {Mario} wow wow wow. Now, what happens if you fall on this thing, it’s like, ah, {Mario fall} wow ah ah ah It was such an interesting and interesting exploration. But then every one. Galaxy. {Mario} Yeah! It’s just joy, the thrill and fun of flying. Then there’s the Odyssey. Strangely, it’s like the past and the future. Salute, it’s wonderful. It’s like sunshine. These are my favorite games about five times, the first experience of Super Mario 64 and Galaxy. Mario Kart is another one. Sunshine, where we got how to make This character’s true foothold in exploration and happiness. So these two games began, and the Odyssey is a continuation of this. New, magical, and interesting.”