Check out Capcom’s E3 showcase here today

Sheriff Sayed
June 14, 2021 15:16 GMT

Capcom is spending a whole day today.

CapcomThe E32021 live stream will take place today, apart from other showcases by major publishers.Capcom event begins 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, 10:30 pm UK..

So far, this event seems to be one of the most predictable. Capcom has previously stated that it expects updates to Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Story 2, Resident Evil Village, and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicle.Live stream will be available on E3 Cramps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter pages. The Twitch player is embedded below.

Given that all of these games are in known quantities, it’s unlikely that big announcements will be made about them unless Capcom is ready to talk about Village DLC. Other than those games, Capcom may still be sitting in some surprising revelations.

The new Dragon’s Dogma has been rumored for years and will be a good time to be officially announced, assuming it will be released sometime next year. Then there is the mysterious Pragamata, which hasn’t appeared until 2023.

Street Fighter fans are also looking forward to the final DLC character of the game being released. That way, it could arrive today.

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