Check out Valve’s canceled space pirate game’s artwork, which is circulating on the Internet

In 2012, Valve’s Gabe Newell Mentioned the cancelled game Stars of Blood, Just said, “We have an internal project called Stars of Blood. This is a space pirate game. It has never seen the light of day.” Some of the concept art of former Valve artists has been leaked before, and later discovered more—— Some are from photos taken during the studio visit.Fans in Valve Archive Put together a repository Blood Star Art, And have been sitting here ever since.

last weekend, Obscure game aesthetics Twitter accountReleased screenshots and artwork of old or forgotten video games, and released four environmental concepts in Stars of Blood.Followed by Crowd Artificial Intelligence Technology Demonstration From a former Valve employee who worked at Stars of Blood, he speculated that this might also come from the cancelled game.It has been posted to r / LeaksAndRumors, r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, Computer Games, r/game, r/GamePreservationists, with r/unreleased game, And browse various websites, forums and social media.