Check out Wasteland 3’s “The Battle of Steeltown” DLC trailer here

By Dom Peppiatt
May 24, 2021 19:18 GMT

inXile entertainmentFirst of t Wasteland 3 Expansion of the story, Steeltown Battle, Almost here. To welcome us to the new area, the developers have shared a new video.

Earlier, I introduced you to the next location in Wasteland 3, a new area in southwestern Colorado. The factory complex, called Steeltown, is where all the technology that keeps Colorado running is manufactured. However, the hub also has a dark side.

Steeltown retains the power of the Patriarch and manufactures trucks, armor, weapons, and robots, but something is wrong. The Rangers have found the town in a state of turmoil: strike workers, bandit raids, and unique isolation tips for something going wrong in Steeltown.

“Without help, the area will revolt and take Steeltown leader Abigail Markham. But that may not be so bad. You and your team at Rangers You will have to decide it for yourself. “

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Check out the trailer above to find out more about what to do in Colorado’s industrial center.

You’ll get a little glimpse of some of the new elements in the game at DLC, including some new weapons, armor, and encounters.

This offers a new experience and expands combat and equipment as you enter Steeltown, depending on how much you have already progressed. This makes the challenge level-appropriate and allows you to participate during new or existing playthroughs.

Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown will be digitally downloadable for PC and console on June 3rd.

If you’re hungry more in the studio, you’ll be happy to know that inXile Entertainment has made fun of the next game as FPS RPG.

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